Sex and Weight Loss

by Dr. Rodriguez on May 6, 2009

Do you want to add more fat burning to your weight management plan?  Add more sex.  Sex and weight loss – that’s the ticket!

Here’s why sex and weight loss go together:

  • Sex burns more calories or fat.
  • Sex is calming which means less emotional eating and stress that leads to more eating.
  • Sex uses muscles and strengthens them.  The more muscle you have the more you can eat without gaining fat and the more increase  metabolism.
  • Sex is fun and pleasurable.  This reduces stress even more.
  • Sex helps your relationship.  This indirectly helps you lose weight because relationship stress can easily lead to more eating.
  • Sex takes time and distracts you from eating.

In and of itself sex will not make you thin for a lifetime but together with other fun and sensible fat burning tools, it can help you be more successful with your goals for a fit and healthy life.  Sex is great for many things and fat burning is one of its benefits.  Sex and weight loss-nice combo. Now go enjoy yourself.

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